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HHSAA Hall of Honor Applications Due May 19, 2021

Posted (Wed) April 7, 2021
The committee will meet to make its selections on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The honorees will be announced on Monday, May 31, 2021.... more

NFHS Celebrates High School Leaders During Black History Month

Posted (Wed) February 10, 2021
The NFHS is proud to join with many other groups across the country in celebrating Black History Month... more

NFHS Revises Guidance on COVID-19 Transmission During High School Sports

Posted (Tue) February 2, 2021
After evaluating experiences of schools participating in high school sports during the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Federation of State High School Associations Sports Medicine Advisory Committee has revised its May 2020 guidance document... more

High School Sports, Performing Arts Can Play Role in Healing Our Nation

Posted (Wed) January 20, 2021
Never before has high school sports and performing arts been so poised to make a difference in our nation... more

Efforts Continue in All States to Offer High School Sports, Performing Arts

Posted (Wed) January 13, 2021
While the normal fall, winter and spring seasons have looked a little different this year amid the pandemic, the 51 state high school associations continue with their determined efforts... more

Island Energy Services Continues Support of HHSAA Despite Pandemic Year

Posted (Mon) January 11, 2021
Despite there not being a 2021 high school wrestling state championship, long-time title sponsor and high school supporter Island Energy Services, the exclusive licensee of the Texaco brand in Hawaii... more

HHSAA cancels March state championships

Posted (Sat) January 2, 2021
The Hawaii High School Athletic Association is forgoing its March 2021 state championships under their modified calendar... more

With 2021 Around the Corner, All States Expected to be Playing High School Sports

Posted (Wed) December 16, 2020
We are nearing the halfway point of the most challenging school year in history... more

Mitigation Efforts Must Intensify as Winter Sports, Performing Arts Begin

Posted (Wed) November 18, 2020
To play or not to play winter high school sports and other activity programs – that is the decision being considered by state high school associations,... more

High School Coaches, Parents Helping Students to the Finish Line

Posted (Fri) November 13, 2020
The finish line – a familiar image in high school sports and performing arts. The breaking of the tape in a 100-meter dash... more

Tracking Life-Changing Events That Occur in High School Sports, Performing Arts

Posted (Thu) November 5, 2020
Balancing concerns for the physical health of student participants competing in sports and performing arts with the social, emotional and mental health... more

High School Sports Postseason Competition Returns Across Country

Posted (Wed) October 28, 2020
“Going to State” is the mantra of high school sports teams as their seasons begin... more

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